Why work with Seidor Business One

Our experience and trajectory in the market is guarantor guarantee.

We are knowledgeable experts of SAP solutions, which endorses and accredits us to offer a complete, fast, efficient and individual solution for small and medium businesses.

We offer our clients the most advanced and innovative technological tools that help them to evolve and optimize the management of their business processes.

It is permanent advice, the result of long experience and focus on the values of quality, service and support, which guarantees our competitiveness and the protection of investments made in infrastructures and systems.
Our work philosophy is based on detecting the needs of our clients through a direct relationship, committing ourselves to their needs and applying solutions that guarantee the proposed results through personalized solutions.
The proximity and geographical proximity of the service allows us to undertake projects with short implementation cycles and reduced costs in resources. As a consequence of our constant expansion, we obtain greater profitability by taking advantage of the differentials existing between the different countries.
Our commitment to our customers helps us to maintain quality services at all times. We get fully involved in each project and work with the commitment to create a long-term relationship based on the effectiveness and efficiency of our Work Team.

We care, not only for today, but also for tomorrow, guaranteeing our clients our full involvement and continuity over time, in all the projects we undertake.

We stand out for our experience of more than 35 years that we have in the market of Information Technology.

We invest in research and development, designing new products and services, which are adapted to each company, person and time.

All the information with which we work is treated with rigorous professional ethics.

SAP Platinum Partner

We have a team of certified and highly qualified consultants, with advanced knowledge in SAP technology and a deep awareness of the most immediate needs of SMEs.

This extensive knowledge is what allows us to offer specific and personalized solutions according to the specific requirements of each company, as well as to study the different financing conditions according to the possibilities of each client.

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