Advantage of SAP Business One: CRM Management

Manage relationships with your clients with a 360º vision

The built-in CRM feature helps ensure full control of the acquisition and retention of customers and their loyalty and profitability for the company.

SAP Business One has an extensive customer support features that allow users to manage service contracts and warranties. It is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, to manage and update customer contacts, improving the effectiveness of sales and customer relations.

It registers sales opportunities, from identifying a potential customer till ceasing the deal. It manages data such as origin, value of the opportunity, closing date and activities

It manages all the information of your customers and potential customers, such as email addresses, profiles, sales reports, activities and account balances.

It imports potential clients from Excel files, adding them to lists of email campaigns, newsletters or telemarketing campaigns.

It analyzes sales opportunities by origin, territory, sector, article, etc. Makes forecasts and revenue forecasts. It identifies activities that work best for attracting new clients.

Create a support contract for goods or services you have sold to a customer. The contract maintains the start and end dates and specific contractual conditions.

It monitors and updates calls, allowing you to keep track of communications between the client and the customer service agent. Analyze types of problems and response times.

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