Advantage of SAP Business One: Financial Management

Optimize financial management by eliminating errors and duplicating entries

The Financial Management functionality allows your company to be more efficient and productive, easily managing multiple currencies, budgeting cycle and bank balance.

Create and manage accounting systems for any country that complies with the local law. You can work, simultaneously, with multiple accounting plans which meet both, local as well as corporate requirements

Finances are integrated: entries are entered automatically needless of previous actions. Assign each transaction to a project or a profit center automatically. Record multiple manual entries in one batch.

Keep track of your banking processes. Control cash receipts, issued checks, deposits, advance payments and credit card payments. Handle multiple accounts efficiently.

Define, manage and allocate budgets. Have a look at the summarized budget report that compares the actual figures with those projected. Create online alerts that will notify you if the monthly budget limit is exceeded.

Define different profit centers and allocate income and outcome accounts. Run a profit and loss status from revenues and costs for any profit center and compare the results with figures from the previous period.

SAP Business One offers the integrated Crystal Reports functionality, generate real-time reports, export them to PDF, Word, Excel or XML. Create grouped data reports and have a detailed look at them.

Add-ons for Finance and Accounting

It allows receiving orders and integrating them into the system automatically and issuing delivery notes, sales invoices and purchase invoices for the vendor. The communication is performed according to the standards used by EDICOM or SERES SPAIN.

It allows you to send customers’ invoices generated by SAP Business One in PDF format digitally signed and legally valid. It archives PDF files within the invoice record itself (it performs a digital archiving feature that avoids the need to print the document).

It provides a forecast of assets in banks and forms of payment according to the current situation. It allows to register a treasury budget verified with the reality. Reports are fully navigable: by double-clicking on any row of receipts or payments, gives you access to its breakdown. It facilitates the entry of treasury concepts not reflected in the commercial documents, it allows conducting estimates and simulations.

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