Advantage of SAP Business One: Sales Management

Gain visibility and control the business process

The sales management tools let you create offers, enter customer orders, set up deliveries, update inventory and manage all invoices and accounts receivable.

Create offers for your current and potential clients. You can calculate gross profit for each deal, quickly review the sales price history and export the offers to a Word document.

Simplify order entry by accessing item availability. It allows creating purchase orders automatically from a client’s order.

It generates documentation and controls the packaging for all goods shipped. You can record the tracking number of the delivery and access the shipping status with just one click.

It keeps track of orders that cannot be delivered due to lack of stock, and it automatically delivers pending orders as soon as the items are received in the inventory.

It quickly manages returns and adjusts the inventory and the remaining balance with the corresponding client. It quickly imports data from the original invoice when creating a credit memo for returned goods.

It applies advances of your customers to the orders. You can process an advance with or without an invoice and decide whether you want to create accounting entries or create just one document without accounting.

It automates the creation of documents based on their information. Group different deliveries in one invoice or create summarized invoices from various orders and delivery notes.

It automates the process of reminder letters to customers with outstanding payments. It sends complaints at predefined intervals. Keep a record of payments of each client.

Add-ons for Finance and Accounting

Full implementation of POS (Point of Sale) developed with SAP SDK, which allows management of tickets sales, orders, returns and collections with identification (eg, card type and data-phone), management tonnage with opening and closing cash, vouchers control and management of additional costs. It also allows managing store inventory. We have the optional offline TPV which is ideal for locations with unreliable communications. Synchronize a TPV application with the SAP Business One database.

We have performed integrations with different ecommerce solutions (e-Pages, PrestaShop and Magento) using Web Services to maintain synchronized both platforms with all the guarantees. It allows synchronization between product catalog, pricing, stock, and images to be displayed online. Create orders in the ERP: Whenever an order is produced in the virtual store, it automatically travels to SAP Business One without duplicating processes in both systems and needless of manual intervention.

Mobility solution integrated with SAP Business One developed for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry fully configurable for each customer.

Web portal for commercial and / or clients (each one with access to only their data) and which allows to perform the following tasks:

Data queried or introduced is done directly into the ERP, needless of intermediate data base or data synchronization processes.

More SAP Business One functionalities

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