Advantage of SAP Business One: Stock Management

Gain efficiency in operations

This feature allows you to manage serial numbers, price lists, inventory and generate pick lists for open orders.

It defines production items, purchase items and items without stock (for example: work and commuting) as you manage default information for each item, the unit of measure and the fiscal status, just like the supplier.

It manages a crosstab with numbers of pieces of clients and suppliers and numbers of pieces of the inventory. It assigns batches to the products and defines the batches for these products in sales orders and delivery notes.

It optimizes inventory count identifying when each item should be counted. Reports and alerts generated help ensure that items have the required frequency.

It manages the collection and packaging process in multiple queues. Orders entered are displayed in the "pending" queue and can be marked as released for picking. It allows you to create picking lists automatically for orders.

Add-ons for Managing Stocks

Solution for warehouse management that allows the use of mobile devices like PDA or type of inputs for receiving, picking, inventory monitoring, etc. Update data in real time with SAP Business One.

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