Discover the advantages of SAP Business One for Multinational Companies

A single management language for your entire organization

The subsidiaries of large multinationals, located in different countries and even continents, handle in many cases different languages, currencies, legislations and logistic procedures.
In order for decision-making to respond to common processes and be based on information shared and verified by all parties, this type of organization needs a management solution that guarantees permanent and consistent communication with the central office.

It consists of a tool that ensures consistency in communication with the head office and manages to raise productivity and efficiency throughout the organization.

Advantages for Branches and Large Corporations

  • Unifies the entire Company so that all the systems, from the first to the last subsidiary, are consistent.
  • Reports present standard formats, regardless of where they come from, so that costs are saved and efficiency is improved.
  • The implementation -for international staff- includes the customization and integration of the tool and the training for users.
  • The global deployment is completed in just a few weeks.
  • The reporting of balance sheets and income statements can be obtained in multiple currencies and accounting account plans, either from the local subsidiary or at the group level.

Complete, unified and high quality support

From anywhere in the world, affiliates will enjoy all these advantages, with the peace of mind that they are using the best business software. Ideal for small size subsidiaries, the solution offers all the management functionality necessary for groups between 10 and 250 employees. It is an affordable solution, easy to use and manage, and offers flexible possibilities in its configuration. It is available in 14 languages and more than 40 countries.

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