Discover the advantages of SAP Business One Mobility for your organization

Take advantage of the possibilities of Smartphones and tablets to manage your business

The mobile application offers real-time access to data, which allows you to navigate, respond and launch remote processes easily.
Control your entire management and distribution process with our SAP Business One mobility solution focused 100% on companies like yours.

Alerts and authorizations

Receive alerts about specific events, such as deviations from discounts, prices or authorized credit limits. Process approval requests, generate remote actions and break down relevant data or metrics to help ensure fast and effective decision making.

Control panel

Access pre-configured reports with key business information, including a dynamic cash flow.

Service Management

Call view of contracts and services. You can search for them by serial number and easily add activities through the engineer.


Access and edit contact details, view activities and special prices. Create new records and record new activities. Create sales opportunities, offers and orders, while displaying pending orders, offers and opportunities created in the back office.

Inventory control

Check inventory levels and access detailed information about current products.

Sales catalog

It allows you to use the device as if you were buying from the web with images, technical information and an easy-to-use purchase button.

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